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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second adventure film in the popular Harry Potter film series
September 1st
bad sign
After missing the train, Harry and Ron take the Weasley family’s flying Ford and drive it to Hogwarts. The car lands on a Whomping Willow, from which it receives a hail of crushing blows, and Ron’s magic wand breaks.
Harry hears an unknown voice. Hermione warns that even in the magical world, hearing voices is a bad sign. Strange things begin to happen at the school: students and creatures of the school of magic become victims of the spell of stupor.
Return to Hogwarts
Victims of the unknown
The first victim of the spell of stupor is Filch's caretaker's cat, who saw an unknown person in the reflection of a puddle. There is a bloody inscription on the wall next to her, saying that a Chamber of Secrets has been opened.
The next victim is a student with a camera from the Gryffindor faculty. Collin was looking at the Unknown through the lens.
Mrs. Norris
Colin Creevey
The next victims of the attacks are the ghost of Nearly Headless Nick and Justin Finch-Fletchley.
Justin saw the Unknown through a ghost. Nick took the full brunt of it, but since he was already dead, he just froze.
Hermione, who was attacked at the moment when she was returning from the library and looked in the mirror, was paralyzed.
The guys find a piece of paper in her fist with a description of a Basilisk, a giant snake. Friends understand that this is the monster of the Chamber of Secrets.
Harry guesses that the first victim of the Basilisk is the Moaning Myrtle, who died half a century ago. The Basilisk's direct gaze was the last thing she saw in this life.
Justin and Nick
Moaning Myrtle
Tom Riddle's
It says on it that it belongs to a certain Tom Riddle. There is not a single entry inside. However, when someone writes into it, the record disappears, and words written by a fragment of Tom Riddle's soul appear from the ink received.
Harry finds a strange book in Myrtle's bathroom
It says on it that it belongs to a certain Tom Riddle. There is not a single entry inside. However, when someone writes into it, the record disappears, and words written by a fragment of Tom Riddle's soul appear from the ink received.
Harry finds a strange book in Myrtle's bathroom
Tom Riddle's
Meanwhile, an alarm is being raised at the school. An inscription was found on the wall next to the toilet stating that a school student was dragged into a Chamber of Secrets, and his skeleton will remain there forever. It turns out that we are talking about Ginny Weasley…
The school should be closed, but the boys go to the bathroom, where, after questioning Myrtle, they find the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. After descending into the dungeon, they come across a discarded giant snake skin. The vault of the dungeon collapses, and Harry and Ron find themselves on opposite sides of the rubble.
It's time to act
the last victim
Chamber of Secrets
Harry enters the hall, in which Ginny lies unconscious. Tom’s diary is lying next to her. Tom Riddle himself comes out of the shadows and picks up Harry’s wand, which he left on the floor, rushing to the girl. Riddle admits that he ordered Ginny to open the Chamber of Secrets.
Is Tom Riddle alive?
Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of Hogwarts, believed that only pure-blooded wizards belonged in the school. Soon Salazar left, leaving a room at Hogwarts, which his heir would one day open and get rid of the mudbloods at school. There is an unthinkable monster in this room, which is subject only to the heir.
Riddle declares that he is the heir of Slytherin, as well as the future Voldemort
resolution of the story

A piece of Riddle’s soul was contained in the diary that Lucius Malfoy left at Ginny Weasley’s bookstore. The ink with which the girl wrote nourished Tom. He subdued her, forcing her to run errands.
Tom Riddle is no longer just a memory. If he was able to lift Harry’s wand, then the matter of the Dark Lord’s rebirth had gone too far.
What does a diary have to do with this?
Tom summons a Basilisk, whose gaze is deadly. Harry is helped by Phoenix Fawkes, who has arrived, bringing a Sorting Hat, from which the Gryffindor sword appears. The bird pecks out the snake's eyes. The boy kills the basilisk with his sword, but the monster manages to injure him with its venomous fang. Pulling the fang out of his hand, Harry pierces Riddle's diary with it.
Snake venom corrodes the pages, the diary drips with ink, and Tom disappears with a scream in a flash of light. Ginny regains consciousness, and Fawkes' tears heal the boy's wound and neutralize the effect of basilisk venom. The guys fly away from the dungeon — they are carried away by the phoenix.
The destruction of the Horcrux
The Slytherin Monster
Tom Riddle disappears in a flash of light
Dumbledore presents the children with the award "For services to the school." In connection with the successful completion of the story, a festive feast is being held at Hogwarts. The victims of the basilisk attacks are also healed, and Hermione reunites with Harry and Ron. Dumbledore gives students a special gift: all exams are canceled!
A festive feast
but that's another story...
When will Voldemort appear?
What kind of trouble awaits friends?
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